The Tool

The tool consists of 3 modules:

  • Data Entry Module: ESTIMATU_fe.accdb
  • Data Saving Module: ESTIMATU_be.accdb
  • Data Visualization Module: ESTIMATU_db_.pbix

Also available in Basque (EUSkera) and English (ENGlish).

Additionally, there is a user manual available in the 3 languages.


Microsoft Access 2016 or higher.

Microsoft PowerBI Desktop.

Note: For Access and PowerBI to work together, it is important that both applications are "similar". That is, either both are 32-bit or both are 64-bit. Whether they are 32-bit or 64-bit will be determined by the processor installed on your computer.


Download the 4 files (3 modules + manual) in the desired language.


Steps to follow:

  1. Go to the download folder.
  2. Run ESTIMATU_db_.pbix:
    • a. Transform data | Edit parameters. I need to tell it where my data is saved (C:\Users\iulen\Downloads).
  3. Unblock ESTIMATU_fe.accdb:
    • a. Right-click | properties | unblock.
    • b. Enable content.
  4. Run ESTIMATU_fe.accdb:
    • a. External Data | Linked Table Manager:
      • i. Select all (Access).
      • ii. Relink.
      • iii. Search and select the ESTIMATU_be.accdb file.
      • iv. Yes.
      • v. Accept (once for each table).
      • vi. Close.