Dictionary of Standard Basque in Contemporary Prose (DSBCP)

This Dictionary compares the lexicon used by 21st century writers according to the Contemporary Reference Prose corpus (, with the unified lexicon published by the Academy of the Basque Language in 2000 ( The Dictionary is now complete and available, although our team of researchers will constantly update it with new and additional information.

The dictionary of the Academy (Euskaltzaindia) has 21,235 entries, whereas the lexicon compiled from the Institute's reference corpus consists of 46,237 entries. In the corpus there are 25,002 entries not contained in the Unified Lexicon, which in turn has 1,974 entries that are not used by current writers. Second level entries have not been counted. These works have given rise to other volumes: a Basque-Basque dictionary (Dictionary of Contemporary Basque, Egungo Euskararen Hiztegia), whose first letters are now available online (; and a dictionary (The Lexicon, Past and Present, Lexikoa, Atzo eta Gaur) that compares the vocabulary used in the past with that of contemporary prose. This work is also available online (

This part of the project was partially funded by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and the City Council of San Sebastián (2006-2008). Funding was also received from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (HUM2007-29151-E).