Automatic generator of verbal forms in Basque

This application allows one to automatically generate auxiliary verbal forms ("Aditz laguntzailea") and synthetic verbs ("Aditz trinkoa") in Basque. The first page is explicatory. The two subsidiary pages include a list of verbs which are conjugated directly. One only need choose the verb one wants from the list in the window and select the parameters one desires:

  • the arguments reflected in the verb (NOR, absolutive; NORK, ergative; NORI, dative)
  • modality ("ahala", mood, or "agintera", imperative)
  • time ("orainaldia", present; "lehenaldia", past; "alegiazkoa", atemporal)

One then selects the window "jokatu" (conjugate) and the generated form will immediately appear. Not all parameters are possible: We (ergative) can take a book (absolutive) to John (dative). But we (ergative) cannot take me (absolutive) to Juan (dative). In these cases no form is generated.

There are versions of this application for Apple ("Adizkitegia" for iPhone; "Adizkitegia HD" for iPad) and for Android ("Adizkitegia" and "Adizkitegia tablet").

 (in Basque)