Grupos de investigacion 2021/22

Faculty Research Groups

Plant Biology and Ecology

  1. River Ecology (RivEcol)
  2. Nutrition Management in Plant and Soll (Numaps)
  3. Marine bentos research group UPV/EHU (Bentos)
  4. Plant diversity and vegetation ecology (Ikerland)
  5. Impacto del Cambio Climático en los Sistemas Agro-Pascicolas: Producción bajo Premisas de Sostenibilidad y Seguridad Alimentaria (Fisioclima CO2)
  6. Marine and Estuarine Plankton Ecology (Mepe)
  7. Ecophysiology of plant stress and soil contamination (Ekofisko)
  8. Evaluation of natural capital: functions and services of ecosystems. Application to territorial planning (EKO-ZER)


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  1. Molecular strategies for controlling the spread of antibiotic resistance (Conjura)
  2. Interacciones moleculares en biomembranas (Intermem)
  3. Molecular mechanisms governing normal and pathogenic functionality of nuclear proteins (MolNucleoProts)
  4. Cell Membrane Organization and Dynamics
  5. Chemical Cell Biology (CHEMCELLBIOL)
  6. Señalización y metabolismo lipídico (SEMELI)
  7. Cardiovascular disease: study of molecular mechanisms and design of new theranostic tools (TeraCardiovascular)
  8. Neuronal Ubiquitin Pathways and Proteomics
  9. Chaperonas moleculares y el control de calidad del plegamiento proteico
  10. Cancer transcription & cell comunication lab

Electricity and Electronics

  1. Theory and engineering of automatic control systems (TIACS)
  2. Digital electronics design group (GDED)
  3. GAUDEE experimental control (GAUDEE)
  4. Group of magnetism and magnetic materials (GMMMT)
  5. Microstuctural, magnetic and spectroscopic characterization of materials with hightech and biomedical applications (Mimaspec)
  6. RF & Microwave group (RF-MW)
  7. Software technologies working group (GTTS)
  8. Theory of nanophotonics


  1. Bilbao early universe cosmology group (EUC-UPV)
  2. Computational theory in condensed matter physics (COMPHYS)
  3. Structure and dynamical properties of solids: Magnetic materials and topological phases (MATPRO)
  4. Group of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (GMMMT)
  5. Research Group on Thermophysical Properties of Materials (TPM)
  6. Microstuctural, magnetic and spectroscopic characterization of materials with hightech and biomedical applications (Mimaspec)
  7. Gravitation and cosmology (IT956-16)
  8. Particle Physics


Genetics, Physical Anthropology and Animal Physiology

  1. Human Evolutionary Biology (HEB)
  2. Genomics and health (HealthOmics)
  3. Genetics and epigenetics of complex diseases (GEEC)
  4. Sport genomics (KDNA)
  5. Applied Anthropology and Human Diversity (AAHD)
  6. Molecular biology of cancer (Molbiol-cancer)
  7. McArdle disease: Small GTPases and intracelular signalling
  8. Phisiological energetics of marine bivalves (FEMB)


  1. Water-environmental processes (HGI)
  2. Grupo de estudio del cretácico y paleógeno: registro climático, sedimentación y ecosistemas marinos y terrestres
  3. Coastal geology (HAREA)
  4. Deformation and mass transfer in lithospheric shear zones (DETRAMA)
  5. Study group of Meso-Cenozoic Milankovitch cycles in the Basque-Cantabrian área: astrochronology and environmental impact of orbitally driven climate change (MeCeMiBaCa)
  6. Paleobiodiversity: Geology, fossil record and heritage of the mesozoic and cenozoic from the western pyrenees (GEOPALEOBIO)
  7. Basement petrochronology and petrofabrics (BPP/PPZ)
  8. Research Group in medieval archaeology, heritarisation and cultural landscapes (GIPyPAC)
  9. Research group of the behavior of B, Li, P and other rare elements in crustal rocks during the Variscan Orogeny (VARISBLIP)


Chemical Engineering

  1. Catalytic and waste valorization processes (CWVP)
  2. Chemical technologies for enviromental sustainability (TQSA)
  3. Chemical Engineering in Energy Efficiency and Environment (CEEEE)
  4. Sustainable Engineering (IngSos)


Immunology, Microbiology and Parasitology

  1. Bacterial stress responses (Regaes)
  2. Marine microbes
  3. Group of magnetism and magnetic materials (GMMMT)
  4. Genomics and health (HealthOmics)
  5. Fungal and bacterial biomics (MICROBIOMICS)


Basque Language and Communication

  1. Ixa Group (Garaterm)



  1. Mathematical Technology Transfer (TTM)
  2. Ordered structures and topology
  3. Genomics and health (HealthOmics)
  4. Group of matrix analysis and applications (GAMA)
  5. Stochastic optimization group (GOE)
  6. Applied mathematical modeling, statistics, and optimization (MATHMODE)
  7. Fourier analysis and partial differential equations (FAPDE)
  8. Computational Design of Vaccines (DISCOMVAC)
  9. Group theory


Analytical Chemistry

  2. Microfluidics cluster UPV/EHU
  3. Food Security Research (ISA)
  4. Research and Innovation in Analytical Chemistry (IBeA)


Physical Chemistry

  1. Innovative macromolecular materials group (Imacromat)


Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

  1. Organometálica y radicales libres
  2. Porous metal-organic materials (MOF)
  3. Polyoxometalate Chemistry (POM)
  4. Organometallics in Synthesis (OMS)
  5. Solid state and materials group (GESM)
  6. New synthetic methodologies (NEWSYNMETH)
  7. Group of asymmetric synthesis, sustainable chemistry and biomimetic processes (GSA)


Zoology and Animal Cell Biology

  1. Behavioural ecology and evolution (JOKABOLUZIO)
  2. Microfluidics cluster UPV/EHU
  3. Marine Benthos Research Group UPV/EHU (BENTOS)