Developing SCILab Libraries

De Grupo de Inteligencia Computacional (GIC)

Tenemos tres métodos para desarrolar librerias.

1) Invocando C o Fortram desde Scilab

2) Creando funciones C con intersci-n

3) Creando macros binarias

Linking C code from Scilab

Exist various methods for invoque C code from scilab. We recomended a easy method. In the examples/interface-tutorial directory, exits a Makefile very important. We must change some parameters in this file according with our C files. We recomended read the examples before write your C functions. fuentes

In few words, in a directory we can write our C functions, better a function for file. In this directory, copy the makefile and configure the makefile according with C files. After that you only need execute make. A library must be generated. 'mylib'

For use the new functions you only need execute 'load ../mylib' since scilab. Then, the news functions are ready for use.


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