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Joint PhD fellowship in Exosomes Engineering

Fecha de primera publicación: 11/07/2016

A joint PhD fellowship is offered as a collaborative project between the groups of Niels Reichardt, Head of the Glycotechnology laboratory, CIC biomaGUNE, San Sebastian and Juan-Manuel Falcon, Head of Exosomes Laboratory, CIC bioGUNE, Bilbao. This project will combine the expertise of both groups in molecular biology and biomaterials research to design, develop and test Glycoengineered Exosomes as Vehicles for Gene and Drug Delivery.

Requirements: The applicant should have an excellent master degree in chemistry or biochemistry, be fluent in English and is expected to rapidly take up and develop techniques and concepts from synthetic and analytical chemistry as well as molecular biology. Special attention during the execution of the thesis will be given to the translation of research results towards industrial commercialization, where both partners have extensive previous experience.

More information can be found in the attached pdf.