GIC-experimental-databases/OASIS deformation feature vectors

De Grupo de Inteligencia Computacional (GIC)

Datasets of features extracted from the subset of 98 females from OASIS

These features are based on deformation measures (displacement vector magnitudes and Jacobian determinant of gradient matrices) of a custom template made with all the 98 subjects registered to each subject. Some feature sets doesn't exist because the correlation values were lower than the percentile limit.

Reference paper with results on these datasets

Alexandre Savio, Manuel Graña, Jorge Villanúa
Deformation based features for Alzheimer's disease detection with linear SVM
Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems, 6th International Conference (HAIS 2011) - HAIS 2011, Part II, LNAI 6679 proceedings, p.336-343. Springer, Heidelberg (2011)

Pipelines trying to explain how these features were extracted:

Feature sets extracted from transformation displacement magnitudes (DM)

Feature sets extracted from transformation gradient Jacobian matrices determinant (JD)

Contact: Alexandre Savio.